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Welcome to Mary’s girlish world in which every minute you spend is a quality one! tries to impress you every time with new quality games, only for special girls who want to spend time in a land where everything is possible.

Mary is trying her best to bring the nicest, coolest and most complex characters to all the beautiful girls out there, so their time spent on her site will be worth it.

Here you can make extraordinary friends like beautiful Barbie and Bratz girls, you can spend moments with your favourite pet, or you can take care of new born babies. Also you can improve your skills in cooking, coloring or decorating, as you try to impress your real life friends with how good you are at different jobs.

Mary offers every girl the possibility to learn how to dress up, apply make up, make her own nails or even the best haircut for different occasions.

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Life is hard, full of hard decisions, bad people and difficult situations, but our goal is to offer you a place you can forget everything going on in your life and enjoy every task you get on the game you want to play. Every game posted on this website has the ultimate purpose of changing your worst day into your greatest dream come true.

No matter the domain you are interested in, Mary has to offer all the categories you can ever ask for.

Join our girlish community and you will be always informed about the latest trends in fashion or any other domain you are interested in. We hope you can appreciate our hard work and dedication in offering you the best experience in online girls games. Keep your friends close and enjoy every moment you spent playing the funiest girls games out there.